Why We’re Urging All to Pledge For the Planet

Published by: Andy Pharoah, Global Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Strategic Initiatives & Sustainability

The launch of our #PledgeForPlanet initiative marks another milestone in our ongoing work to tackle the impacts of climate change.

This is set to be a defining 12 months in the fight against climate change. There is a clear and present danger - and we need to accelerate the action we are taking. We see a real role for business in disrupting the effects of climate change, and with #PledgeForPlanet, we recognize we must go farther and faster in order to help create a healthy planet on which we all can thrive. 

So, what are we doing? 

For Mars it means committing to further reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our direct operations in line with the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement – to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The sands are constantly shifting and, as a business, we have to keep responding.

The commitment is part of our ongoing push – first announced a decade ago – to achieve 100% renewable energy in its operations by 2040. Today, we source more than half of our electricity from renewable sources – 100% in countries including the U.S., UK, Mexico and soon, Australia. 


We’re not only accelerating climate action within our business, but we also want to use our voice to encourage our suppliers, our Associates and people around the world to do the same. When we think about the world we want to see tomorrow, we can’t do it alone. 


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We want our suppliers to step up and participate by setting science-based targets, signing on to The Climate Group’s RE100, and embracing a future with renewable energy at the centre of plans for direct operations. We also want to inspire people to take individual actions to protect the planet and ensure it is healthy and thriving for future generations.

Mars commissioned a fantastic mural, by artist Steven Harrington, illustrating what the world could look like if we all took urgent climate action to keep the planet from warming beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. It was on public display in the heart of New York City at Bryant Park before moving to M&M'S World Times Square for the rest of Climate Week. 

With #PledgeForPlanet, we’re encouraging individual actions to protect the planet and ensure it is healthy and thriving for future generations. To help drive that, Mars is using the UN’s ActNow ‘bot’ – which helps citizens learn about everyday actions to reduce their carbon footprint – widely online and also internally with our Associates across the globe. 

It’s all about trying to change the trajectory that we are on. I believe strongly that climate action offers a powerful opportunity for business to lead on these critical issues and to collaborate with consumers in a meaningful way to create our future. 

That is a huge prize - to work together and take collective action today - and to create a thriving planet for future generations. We can make a difference.




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